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At Genelon, the challenges faced with the lack of technical acumen in the biotech sector are addressed to and we are thereby geared to provide research driven candidates with a dynamic curriculum catering to the demanding requirements of biotech industries and research organisations. We offer certified short-term and/or long-term training programs, and workshops, addressing the core concepts of mammalian cell culture, stem cell research, cancer biology and molecular biology along with other related disciplines. Students and/or professionals will be aided by our competent research team, guiding them through with an innovative approach towards research and its conduct. Using our advanced lab facilities and equipments, the students are allowed to explore the principles and operation of these tools and conduct research work over the training duration.

Incubation facility: Genelon offers research infrastructure and support for students pursuing M.Tech/PhD degrees to carry out their research work.

Besides, students/trainees will be given ample opportunity to customise the training programs to suit their requirements. A combination of the core training areas and unique in-house research techniques will be offered and the projects/training course will be designed on a one-to-one basis.

Core Training Areas
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