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  Nutrition and Health

Our objective is to conduct research to enhance the nutritional and health status of women and children in rural and urban Karnataka. India is one of the world’s densest population areas and it is a home for the poor population as well. The Global Hunger Index (GHI), 2013 India ranks at 63 out of 122 countries and reports demonstrate alarming levels of hunger in India, being one of the three countries outside Sub-Saharan Africa to fall in this category. The Government of India is increasing food subsidies to address this situation, but the rapidly rising population poses continuing challenges.

Under-nutrition undermines the survival, growth and development of children and women, and diminishes the overall strength and capacity of nations. Under-nourished mothers have greater chances of delivering low-birth-weight babies. About 20% of children below five years of age suffer from wasting of muscles, 43% of them are underweight, and 48% are stunted due to chronic under-nutrition.

Our approach is to work towards improving the nutritional and health status of child-bearing women and children, and creating awareness about health and hygiene among commoners, especially targeting those dwelling in the rural and substandard areas. We are working towards selection and formulation of nutritionally adequate products that are easily accessible by common men.

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